About Us

Northeastern Group Consulting, LLC was founded by veteran law enforcement officers who not only recognized the harm of violence in the community,
but also the need to help educate as means of stopping violence.  Their daily experience's  with domestic violence, stranger violence, workplace
violence, and stalking made it obvious that more could be done to prevent some acts of violence and reduce the risks from other types of violence. They
also recognized the need to increase awareness in the community and private sector in order to prevent or reduce the number of horrific tragedies
which result from senseless violence.  

Their mission started with the firm belief that they should provide anti-violence training and education, in way that is was both cost effective and
motivational.  The founders were putting the finishing touches on their text book "Contemporary Issues in Domestic Violence" when they began to fully
develop the first programs.  This grew into the wide array of
trainings and seminars offered today.  From there the company expanded into private sector
policy and procedure development relevant to the violence faced by businesses both large and small. The company is continually looking for ways in
which they can be effective in their efforts to stop violence in the community. To that end in 2008 Northeastern Group Consulting,  LLC began exploring
the possibility of offender interdiction, in an effort to reduce violence by addressing those who have already shown a propensity to commit violent acts.  
This concept was the framework for the addition of a Clinical Services Division within the company. Today, the company provides relevant
clinical social
work services in the greater Philadelphia area, and some online content, like anger management, is offered nationwide.   

We, the staff at Northeastern Group Consulting, LLC, are committed to serving the needs of law enforcement, non-profit agencies, as well as small and
large businesses.  We strive to providing comprehensive
services ,delivered in a manner that best suits a client, which can be adapted to their specific
needs. We believe in our motto "Building Partnerships, Stopping Violence".


Matthew Illich

Matthew J. Illich Jr., M.S.
About Us
Often quoted is the
phrase "Knowledge is
Power", which we
believe to be only a
partial truth.  At  NEGC,
LLC we have come to
understand that
knowledge can be
empowering, and may
provide the necessary
tools to make a change.
However, without taking
action on based on that
knowledge it  is
rendered powerless, it
becomes useless.

Our focus is not only on
relaying the latest
information but also
providing the motivation
to actually make life
saving changes.