NE.G.C. LLC  provides consulting and training focused on issues surrounding domestic violence, stranger violence, and law enforcement and
community interaction.  Our programs are customized to your organizations needs. We develop your program through a simplified process in three
easy steps.  This allows our clients to identify the services they want and determine the format that best suits the training objective. Our trainings
are custom tailored to the clients needs and we can include presentations or reviews of a client's existing or modified corporate policies and
procedures.  Also, NE.G.C. LLC staff can also conduct site evaluations and offer recommendations regarding safety topics.
Domestic Violence
Domestic Violence in the Workplace
Workplace Violence
School Violence

Once you have a general idea about the services you want simply call us or send an email. Within minutes we will be able to work out the details
of your training and begin making scheduling arrangements, and you can begin to schedule your program.  

*Please note that custom programs may require additional time to prepare.

Chose your
program topic
from our list below
or work with a
consultant  for a
custom training*

Chose any of the
services we offer.

Chose a delivery
method that suits
Included with every
training package:

A roster of training

A copy of the training
topics covered.

Letter for the client
documenting they have
hosted the training.

Record maintenance of
the training event.

Northeastern Consulting Group, LLC. is here to make your training projects as easy and cost efficient as possible.  We want our clients to get the
most out of their training while limiting or eliminating lost productivity which often result from training hours.

Our most common delivery methods are:

Multi-day program: 2 or more days of training.

Full day: one eight hour seminar or multiple shorter programs repeated through the day.

Partial day: four hour session

Webinar: typically one hour long, can be repeated several times in one day. "NEW!"

If you did not find a method that suits your needs please contact us and see how we can customize a training to accommodate you.   While we offer full day seminar style trainings, your typical day long training event, we can narrow the focus of the training into one hour blocks allowing
clients the flexibility to rotate staff into a training event.    

At Northeastern Consulting Group, LLC. we strive to make training sessions a success for the client.  Some clients desire more comprehensive
services and we have the ability to assist these clients.  To further tailor your training to the client's needs we offer the following:

Certificate of course completion for attendees.

Specialized certificate of course completion for attendees, using clients logo or documents.

Printing services for any material the client wishes to have offered to the client.*

Copies of relevant texts offered to the employees.

Short reference guides relevant to the training.

*Custom documents or from a selection of prepared material.

Jane is the regional HR
manager for a retail
department store.  Jane
needs to incorporate the
company's existing domestic
violence policy into a
training which does not take
staff from the floor during
hours of operation.  Through
NE.G.C, LLC Jane could
arrange for a morning
violence policy into a store
locations. At these training
which does not take trainings
the company policy staff from
the floor during is
incorporated into the hours of
operation.  Through program
and copies NE.G.C, LLC Jane
could redistributed. Jane
would arrange for a morning
receive a list of employees
training, before opening, at
trained and documentation
that staff received the policy.  

John runs a small business
where most of his staff
perform customer service
functions from their office
cubicle but also has a
number of mobile sales staff.
 John wants to offer a
workplace violence training
to his staff but can spare
little employee productivity
time.  Also, he is hesitant to
take the sales staff off of the
street. John could utilize our
new web based webinar
training to offer the
workplace violence program
to his staff, while they sit in
program all at once right
from their computer. Or,
John could hold several
webinar programs in an effort
to limit lost productivity in
the office.

Julie runs a rural nonprofit
domestic violence shelter.
She decides to host an
event for potential funding
sources and wants to
demonstrate both the serious
nature of the problem of
domestic violence and the
cost of providing services to
her clients.   Julie and her
staff are already struggling to
meet the needs of their
clients  and has little time to
coordinate an event or
prepare a program.  Julie
has an afternoon program in
mind. NE.G.C. LLC could
provide a half day topical
discussion on current trends
in domestic violence while
highlighting the financial
issues Julie faces.  
Projects Under

NE.G.C., LLC is
currently developing a
full day D.V. program to
be submitted for CEU
in PA and NJ for Social
Workers and Nurses.

NE.G.C., LLC is
developing a program
for social workers
aiding families with
autistic children. The  
focus is on
understanding the law
perspective and
methods that families
of autistic children may
use to aid in
encounters with law
College Bound Safety
Student Stalking
Elder Exploitation and Abuse
You help design your program in three steps
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